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For SMS messaging, getting routing right is important

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Worldwide, SMS-based mobile messaging continues to evolve and innovate. Nowhere is this more apparent than in A2P or enterprise messaging. Numerous analysts have forecast that enterprise messaging (or A2P messaging as it is sometimes called) will continue growth and prominence through at least the rest of this decade. Why is this?  SMS is still the most ubiquitous, far-reaching messaging channel in the world and will remain so for quite some time. While there are a growing number of non-SMS messaging/social media options (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and many more) virtually all of the require both the sender and receiver to be using the same solution, thus leading to significant fragmentation – notwithstanding that many of these non-SMS chat apps are and will become significant “A2P channels,” going forward.  Otherwise, SMS continues to show strength in that regard.

So why is it important that SMS messages are routed correctly? The global SMS ecosystem consists of separate, logical Application-to-Person (or A2P) connectivity network – one where mobile network operators (MNOs) have approved, and in many cases, monetized, this type of mostly commercial and non-human generated traffic. Traditionally, the A2P network uses separate connectivity from the general conversational or Person-to-Person (or P2P) connections. The reasons for this are numerous; however a significant reason is that it helps to control spam andgrey route traffic over the P2P networks.


Wait?  What do I mean by “grey route traffic?”  Grey route traffic is typically A2P SMS traffic that delivery attemptsoutside of approved A2P connections or routes into the MNOs. Grey route traffic tries to leverage the P2P network and ubiquitous connectivity to avoid MNO fees or approval processes. As the ability to reach consumers through SMS is immensely valuable, there are numerous messaging aggregators and service providers that use a variety of tactics to attempt to circumvent MNO-supported routing standards.   


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About the Author
William Dudley has almost 30 years of experience building and managing telecommunications network infrastructure. He defines SAP Digital Interconnects’ global solutions strategy within the mobile ecosystem, focusing on solutions for messaging, next-generation networks (LTE, IPX), and mobile consumer engagement. As mobile evangelist, he communicates through both internal and external publications and is active in industry groups.