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Does your engagement strategy meet the needs of your customers?

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Mobile is redefining all customer touch points – advertising, payments, coupons, loyalty and response tracking – making interactions more tailored, more targeted, and more precise. There’s huge potential with all the various pieces, and even more if you can get them all working together.


As a result of this mobile influx, the way users use smart phones has changed, grown up if you will. This in turn means brands and services need to grow up with them. We are already seeing many businesses communicating with customers across multiple channels from many different sources within the organisation. Smartphones are consumer engagement tools, supporting ongoing interactions and offering high value tracking and notification services.


Organisations need to embrace mobile as part of their wider Omni-channel route to ensure needs of their customers are met. They want to be able to engage with brands across their channel of choice, in the way that they want, and it’s clear mobile is the driving force behind this.


Research conducted around the power of SMS found that while mobile needs to be considered a transactional channel for customers, they would like to see more interaction via SMS.

As many as 64% of consumers believe that businesses should use SMS to interact with customers more than they do currently. This means that many organisations are missing a trick here – consumers are wholly ‘integrated’ with their handsets and already interact with many brands via SMS many times a day, but not all organisations are leveraging this. SMS is viewed by consumers as a quick (67 percent) and convenient (56 percent) way for companies to communicate.


It’s clear that the rise of smartphone and mobile apps has changed how brands and enterprises engage with consumers. Consumers are becoming more discerning about how they want to interact with brands and the best channels to suit their needs. Three-quarters of respondents feel that SMS interactions serve to improve the overall brand experience making them feel in control of a service when interacting businesses.Findings of the research point towards the need for organisations to embrace a more considered and strategic approach to customer interaction.


Every interaction on a smartphone directly with a customer is an opportunity to build brand, add value to the customer experience or buy and sell to a smartphone user.  If you aren't adding SMS to you engagement strategy you are missing out on the SMS advantage.


To find out more about consumer attitudes to SMS, download The SMS Advantage report:


About the Author
As VP and Head of Global Sales for SAP Mobile Services, a division of SAP, Mark is responsible for the continued profitable growth of the company’s global messaging revenues across the telecommunications community and all other market verticals. Mark has been instrumental to bringing to market SAP’s Consumer Insight product that helps to unlock the value of consumer data residing in mobile networks.