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A2P SMS is not Dying and Still the Primary Component of Multi-Channel Mobile Engagement

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Recently, I read a posting, titled: The Days of 2FA SMS (and A2P) Are Numbered on a site called no jitter. I’ve linked it, if you want to read it yourself, but the author basically states that A2P will grow for a few short years, but then will “eventually find a home next to my imaginary fax machine.”


That’s his opinion. Mine is different and yes, I admit some bias, being a longtime advocate of the mobile messaging world. However, let’s look at the evidence.


One thing that we constantly see is that businesses are clamoring to include mobile messaging as part of their consumer outreach. As has been stated many times, many places, an SMS message is typically read within the first few minutes of receipt, by over 90% of the recipients. That includes Person-to-Person (or P2P) as well as Application-to-Person (or A2P). To reach consumers and encourage them to engage, businesses are increasingly turning to mobile messaging as their primary channel.


Global messaging analyst Ovum recently published a forecast indicating that A2P SMS will increase to as high as 1.42 trillion messages by 2018, with a slight decline to 1.37 trillion messages at the end of the decade.



That’s hardly a fax machine analogy. Ovum also noted that mobile connections as a percentage of the global population is very near 100% and SMS is standard on all mobile devices. They also indicated that A2P usage of messaging chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat and others are expected to be complementary to SMS rather than a substitute. I do agree. Multi-channel engagement (or omni-channel as some have called it) is a key element to providing outreach to consumers through the primary channels that they use and like.




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About the Author
William Dudley has almost 30 years of experience building and managing telecommunications network infrastructure. He defines SAP Digital Interconnects’ global solutions strategy within the mobile ecosystem, focusing on solutions for messaging, next-generation networks (LTE, IPX), and mobile consumer engagement. As mobile evangelist, he communicates through both internal and external publications and is active in industry groups.