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A Long-Range View Of Business Messaging

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Normally, each year in the dead of winter, I publish a predictions article about the coming year. Earlier this year, we published my 12th consecutive predictions for the mobile industry. However, today, I would like to dust off the crystal ball and push it a little bit further into the future to look at how the messaging industry might evolve over the coming five to 10 years.


I believe that in 2019, we are starting to see the fruits of a new generation of solutions for messaging – especially business messaging. Consequently, this is a good time to take a long-range look at how this communications channel (and all of its subtle variations) should impact how we interact with businesses, how businesses interact with us, and where this new generation will take us.


Click here to read the full article on Digitalist magazine.


About the Author
William Dudley has almost 30 years of experience building and managing telecommunications network infrastructure. He defines SAP Digital Interconnects’ global solutions strategy within the mobile ecosystem, focusing on solutions for messaging, next-generation networks (LTE, IPX), and mobile consumer engagement. As mobile evangelist, he communicates through both internal and external publications and is active in industry groups.